Personalised Meal Plan & Macronutrient Guidelines

You don't just receive one set plan that you have to stick to. I'll be making fortnightly adjustments based on your progress and feedback to ensure you're receiving the support that you need and are following a program that's right for you. Your plan meal plan will be personalised based on your goal, day to day lifestyle and includes foods you ENJOY with a variety of meal options to choose from.


Structured Training Program

Bringing up your weak points and highlighting your strengths, I'll work with you to develop a training program that has you making consistent weekly progress in the gym, busting you through plateaus using a science based approach. Each workout program is specifically designed based on your goals, whether that’s to lose body fat, build lean muscle or build strength.


Cardio Regime

Cardio will be utilised as a tool to initiate fat loss using the most effective strategies depending on your weight loss goals. There are a variety of cardio options which you will have to choose from because let’s be honest, we need to make it as enjoyable as possible!


Abdominal Routine

Training your core properly is a science that requires the right routine. I'll ensure your mid-section gets the attention that it needs so that your physique is capped off with a show-setting set of abs.


Talk With Me Face To Face

There’s no better way to building a personal connection with my clients than speaking face to face. You will have the opportunity to speak with me over Skype each fortnight as an additional option to help keep you accountable throughout the program. Each Skype call is 20 minutes in length to discuss your progress in more detail which will provide you with the best results!


24/7 Communication & Support

You'll be able to reach me via email at all times, receiving timely responses and personalised advices on how to work through your program.


Phone App

You will have instant access to Jay’s app, which will include instant access to your meal and training programs! Fitness has always been about creating a community for people to gain knowledge, so this is another support system to help keep you motivated and educated.


Real results achieved by real clients


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