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I've placed 1st in the Tall Muscle Model Category at the WBFF Australian Championships, achieving highly sought after pro status.

Thanks to Jay, I got in the best shape of my life
— Nate Gudgeon
Working with Jay has changed my life.
— Donna


Starting Weight: 84kg

End Weight: 71.6kg

Improvement: 12.4kg

Duration: 15 Weeks

Name: Derrick Wilkerson

Jay did my competition prep for my first ever Men's Physique show where I placed second against a competitive line up. Being based in Texas, USA, Jay made communication easy and was always readily available over email and Skype when I needed him. He is a genuine guy who actually cares about other people. He is full of knowledge and I have been following him on YouTube ever since he quit his full-time job to pursue his passion. I knew that if I'd even decide to commit to a show, that I'd use his help.

Right from the very moment I started following him, I could tell that he knew what he was talking about and that he was truely passionate about helping others reach their true potential. A great guy, with great vlogs, and I hope that one day we will be able to get a lift in together. I aspire to be like this guy! Thanks Jay for everything you have taught me!


Duration: 15 Weeks

Name: Steve Brott

Thanks to Jay I got in the best shape of my life! Jay has taught me so much and I've now learnt how I can now treat this as a lifestyle. I never felt like I was alone and Jay was always so responsive with getting back to me about any questions I had about my personalised program. The nutrition plan was flexible with a variety of food options that I had asked for, which helped immensely with staying consistent. The training program challenges you to push yourself to the next level, so you will continue to progress and see results every week. If you put in the work and trust the process, you will get the results!


Starting Weight: 65kg

End Weight: 56kg

Improvement: 9kg

Duration: 12 Weeks

Name: Ashleigh

I stumbled across Jay on YouTube and was interested in all the free advice he was giving out and soon signed up to his 12 week program. I had already been training for 4 years, but lacked the knowledge and needed guidance to take things up a notch.

It never felt like I was on a diet as Jay taught me how to be flexible with my eating habits. Together with his effective training program, I was able to maintain my strength as well as drop body fat. I wasn't chasing a 6 pack, I just wanted to feel amazing and Jay not only did that, but helped build my confidence in process and can now wear a bikini again! I cannot recommend Jay enough you won't be disappointed with the results!

Starting Weight: 64kg

End Weight: 57kg

Improvement: 7kg

Duration: 12 Weeks

Name: Donna

Working with Jay over the last few months has changed my life and my entire perspective on my lifestyle. I never thought I would be able to reduce my body fat and gain muscle while maintaining a great calorie intake. I’m more confident than I have ever been and feel amazing! Throughout the time I have worked with Jay, I could never compare the commitment and support I have received from his services it is incredible, knowing that I have 24 hour support for any questions I have has made the journey all the more enjoyable. Jay’s passion for helping people has driven me to take my fitness to the next level and achieve all of my health and fitness orientated goals! I cannot thank him enough and highly recommend joining his team!


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